What does TEIBAS do?

TEIBAS exclusively serves over 11,000 active and retired members of IBEW Local 353, by establishing prudent and effective policies and strategies to guide the administration of the Trust Funds and serve the best interests of the members.

How do I access my online account?

Once you’ve registered on myteibas.com you will receive an email with a password and a link to myteibas.com. Click the link and enter your email address and the password provided.

When does my benefit coverage begin?

Every month, TEIBAS receives contributions from employers based on hours worked for the previous month. Benefit coverage starts the first day of the second month after you have earned 450 hours.

How do I add my spouse or child onto the benefit plan?

In order to add your spouse or child onto the IBEW Local 353 Group Benefit Plan, you must complete the change/update of information form and provide proof. The form is available in the Forms section of this website or call TEIBAS for more information.

Who pays my benefit claims?

Great-West Life is responsible for paying dental, vision, prescription drugs, paramedical services and healthcare benefit claims. They can be reached at 1-844-232-4239 or log into your GroupNet for Plan Member’s account.

How long do I have to submit my claims?

Your claims must be submitted to Great-West Life no later than 1 year from the claim date.

What is a reasonable and customary charge?

This is the amount Great-West Life pays for services and supplies, like registered massage therapy, chiropractor, dental procedures, prescription drugs, etc. Check with Great-West Life to confirm these amounts before receiving treatment to avoid out of pocket expenses.

How do I find out if a specific drug is covered?

Contact Great-West Life at 1-844-232-4239 and provide the Drug Identification Number. If the drug requires pre-approval contact Equitus for the required forms at 1-866-401-8323.

I’m travelling to Cuba, what do I need to show proof of travel insurance?

When traveling to Cuba you are required to have proof of travel insurance. Proof of travel insurance includes, Insurance policy (Viator Travel Booklet), Medical assistance card (Travel Card), and Provincial Health Card (OHIP Card). Make sure you carry a credit card or other form of payment with you in case you are required to pay for medical services up front.  Cuban authorities will not allow anyone with outstanding medical bills to leave the country. We recommend that travellers carry their travel card with them at all times and contact Global Excel immediately at 1-819-566-1898 should you require medical treatment. This will allow for Global Excel to arrange and monitor treatment and arrange direct payments wherever possible. Log into myteibas.com to print a copy of the travel card and travel booklet. Call TEIBAS at 416-637-6789 for hard copy.