Covering Your Family

As a member of the plan, your family is also covered for health, dental, travel and accident insurance.

However, family members are not covered for short and long-term disability or critical illness—these benefits are for you alone.

The following family members qualify for coverage while you are a member of the plan:

  • your spouse to whom you are legally married and currently living with, or
  • a partner who is publicly presented as your spouse, with whom you are currently living and who has been living with you in a conjugal relationship for at least the past 12 months. You’ll need to provide proof, such as a copy of your official lease or mortgage, or utility bills
  • your own or your spouse’s natural, adopted, stepchildren, and legal wards (Copy of court documents is required and Trustees must approve documentation) who are unmarried and are:    
    • under age 21 and dependent on you for support (including the natural child of an unmarried minor dependent who lives with you and for whom you or your spouse is legally appointed guardian), or
    • under age 25 and studying full-time at an approved post-secondary institution, or
    • covered under the plan continuously since the day before reaching age 21 and disabled.

Dependants aged 21 to 25 qualify for coverage if studying full-time at an approved post-secondary institution as defined by the Trustees. The dependant does not qualify for coverage if he or she is paid to attend school.
Students are ineligible for benefits if they:

  • attend school outside North America
  • are taking correspondence or distance learning courses, or
  • have employee health benefits under another plan
  • paid to attend school