Investments & Financials

The Board of Trustees have adopted a formal Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures to help determine the pension fund’s asset mix and guide investment decisions. It is this prudent investment policy, developed and implemented with the help of professional advisors, that helps the Board of Trustees steer clear of high-risk investments.

To implement the plan’s investment strategy the Board of Trustees uses professional investment consultants who help facilitate and oversee the selection process to choose the fund’s investment managers. The investment consultants also provide the Board of Trustees quarterly reports on investment performance for each of the selected investment managers so that the Board can monitor the investment managers’ performance relative to their associated benchmarks.

 With over $2 billion dollars in assets, the Board of Trustees ensure that there are sufficient diversification strategies in place to mitigate potential losses to the fund.

The Board of Trustees currently utilize the following investment managers:

  • ACM – Canadian Commercial Mortgage Fund.
  • American Century Investment Management – US Small Cap Equities (direct holdings)
  • Baille Gifford Overseas Limited – Global Equities Fund
  • CIBC Asset Management Inc. – Fixed Income Fund
  • Fengate Capital Management – Canadian and Global Infrastructure Fund
  • Fiera Capital – Canadian Fixed Income and & Canadian Equities (direct holdings)
  • Fiera Properties – Canadian Real Estate Fund
  • JP Morgan – Global Infrastructure Investments Fund
  • Leith Wheeler – Canadian Equities (direct holdings)
  • Northleaf Capital – Senior Private Credit Fund
  • Setanta Asset Management – Global Equity Fund
  • TD Greystone Asset Management – Canadian Real Estate Fund