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The Board of Trustees have adopted a formal Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures for all of the IBEW Local 353 Trust Funds, which to help determine the pension funds’ asset mixes, communicates the Trustees’ objectives, risk tolerance, and guide investment decisions. It’s these prudent investment policies developed and implemented with the assistance of professional advisors that help ensure that investments generate the required returns within reasonable risk tolerances.

To implement the plans’ investment strategy the Board of Trustees uses professional investment consultants who help facilitate and oversee the selection process to choose the fund’s investment managers. The investment consultants also provide the Board of Trustees quarterly reports on investment performance for each of the selected investment managers so that the Board can monitor the investment managers’ performance relative to their associated benchmarks.

With over $2 billion dollars in assets, the Board of Trustees ensure that there are sufficient diversification strategies in place to mitigate potential losses to the funds.

For more information on the plan’s investments, visit and read TEIBAS’ annual reports.