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Who we are

The Toronto Electrical Industry Benefit Administration Services Limited (TEIBAS) was founded in 1990 to administer the pension and benefit plans for the members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 353. TEIBAS is 100% owned by the IBEW Local 353 Trust Funds. We’re a small organization with a dedicated and passionate team that strives to be a trusted source of information and services to our stakeholders, while delivering the best member experience possible.

Our Purpose

✓ We’re here to help. We are a dedicated and trusted team of professionals you can rely on when it comes to your pension and benefits.

✓ We are member-centric. Everything we do is grounded in efficiency and excellence for our members and their employers.

✓ We help to protect our members’ future. We provide trusted information about the IBEW Local 353 pension and benefit plans and how they work so that members can better navigate their benefits and prepare for their retirement.

How we do it

TEIBAS collects pension and benefit contributions from the contractors that are signatories to a collective agreement that requires them to remit to the IBEW Local 353 Trust Funds. We direct those contributions into the various Trust Funds (Pension, Health and Welfare, and Supplementary Unemployment Benefits). The various benefits are paid out of their respective funds. TEIBAS, in conjunction with union hall staff assigned to the benefit plans, coordinates payments of pensions, payments to Canada Life to support the benefit plan, and makes SUB payments to eligible members.

Who we answer to

TEIBAS staff report to the CEO of TEIBAS. Our CEO reports to the Board of Directors of TEIBAS, and the Board of Trustees for the IBEW Local 353 Trust Funds. The CEO is responsible for the daily management of TEIBAS with the overall policy direction being provided by the Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of eight members — four appointed by the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association (GTECA) and four appointed by the IBEW Local 353.

Leadership Team

Kim Macpherson, CEO

Audrienne Coley, Controller

Domenic Martino, Manager of Pension & Benefits

Mandy Silverberg, Strategic Communications Manager