Another great benefit at your disposal is access to Teladoc Medical Experts which is a confidential service offered to you and your eligible dependents as part of your IBEW Local 353 benefits.

Teladoc can provide a comprehensive medical review of your doctor’s diagnosis and review your treatment plan to make sure that is best for you.

Whether you need medical questions answered, a diagnosis double-checked, help deciding on a treatment plan, or guidance about a surgery, they provide an expert medical opinion when you need it most.

Teladoc is an expert opinion at your fingertips, receiving a diagnosis can be scary and leave you with many questions, or feeling uncertain. You can use Teladoc and hear from leading medical experts on a wide range of services such as:

  • Are unsure about a diagnosis or need help choosing treatment.
  • Need help finding a specialist outside of Canada.
  • Need help finding a local doctor or expert who specializes in treating your condition.
  • Would like in-depth information and research about your specific condition.
  • Want to make progress or need guidance on a mental health condition

Give Teladoc a call or visit their website next time you have a question related to you or your family’s health: