Critical Illness insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides for a fixed payment if you are diagnosed for illnesses covered by the IBEW Local 353 Critical Illness insurance policy. Critical Illnesses are medical emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, or cancer. These emergencies or illnesses often create greater-than-average medical costs, which is why the IBEW Local 353 Critical Illness insurance is there to help cover those costs when you need the help the most. 

Critical Illness insurance coverage is available to members under age 65 and not collecting an IBEW Local 353 pension who are in benefits. If a member is diagnosed with one or more of the eligible conditions listed below, the member may be eligible for up to $25,000 upon approval of their claim. 

Paid benefits can be used to cover childcare costs, make modifications to your home, or however else you choose to use them. Here is the list of diagnoses covered under your critical illness insurance policy: 

• Alzheimer’s Disease • Coma • Loss of Independence • Occupational HIV Infection 

• Aorta Surgery • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery • Loss of Speech • Paralysis 

• Benign Brain Tumour • Deafness • Major Organ Failure • Parkinson’s Disease 

• Blindness • Dismemberment • Major Organ Transplant • Severe Burns 

• Cancer • Heart Attack • Motor Neuron Disease • Stroke 

• Cancer Recurrence • Heart Valve Replacement • Multiple Sclerosis 

Critical Illness insurance may be partially payable for: 

• Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS-early-stage breast cancer) • Hip & Total Knee replacement surgery • Early Prostate Cancer Treatment • Second Event Benefit (for Cancer and Cardiovascular Conditions only) 

Critical Illness claims must be submitted within 30 days of an accident or diagnosis and proof of diagnosis must be received within 90 days. If you are eligible for a claim payment but do not survive to receive it, the benefit payment will be made to your named life insurance beneficiary(ies) on file. Should you be diagnosed with multiple illnesses, it’s recommended you submit a claim for each illness to determine eligibility.  

If you are diagnosed with or meet the definition of one of the listed insured conditions that results in you incurring any of the following expenses (directly related to the  diagnosis of an insured condition), Chubb Life will reimburse such expenses, subject to all terms and conditions, up to an overall policy maximum of $1,000. 

1. Services from a registered graduate nurse who is not a family member of the Insured. 

2. Transportation costs including; ambulatory fees, taxi, and public transportation to any medical treatments, physician appointments, and post diagnostic testing appointments. 

3. Rental costs of a wheelchair or other approved durable equipment for temporary therapeutic treatment. 

4. Drugs or medicines dispensed by a licensed pharmacist which requires the prescription from the attending physician, including deductible amounts under other benefit plans. 

5. Meals, in hospital, for the insured, plus one attending caregiver on days where the hospital visit duration is three hours or more. 

6. Parking costs at medical facilities such as hospitals, physician’s offices, and diagnostic testing facilities. 

7. Daycare costs for children at a licensed and registered daycare facility. 

8. Pet care costs including day boarding, in home care, or dog walking, provided by a registered pet care operator. 

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